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Corozo is a 100% natural product which is similar in consistency to a hard resin. Also known as tagua, it is often referred to as "vegetable ivory." At a microscopic level, corozo is made up of very tightly wound organic fibers which give it excellent durability and scratch resistance. Its porous nature allows colors to penetrate deep into the surface which makes it an excellent material for dyeing. Corozo is also well known for its elegant natural grain; a unique pattern that, much like a fingerprint, ensures no two buttons are exactly alike. Please click here for more information.

The following are some other advantages of using Corozo:


  • 100% Natural - Non-toxic, child safe.

  • Dry-clean washable

  • Scratch and high temperature resistant

  • Impact resistant - will not crack or splinter

  • Unique Natural grain

We give you absolute freedom to create exactly what you're looking for! From something as simple as a flat, two hole button all the way to an intricate, laser engraved design. You can customize every aspect of your button including:


  • Models - Over 1600 models or create your own!

  • Size - Pick any size from 10L through 52L

  • Holes - Choose any number of holes

  • Color - We dye to match just about any color

  • Polish - Four levels from matte to high polish

  • Special Effects - burn, blotch, crack and more!

Here's just a few of our wonderful clients:

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Looking to make the switch to a more eco-friendly product?

We got you covered! We only offer completely natural, environmentally friendly products. You can rest assured that we do not use any harmful chemical processes and that our operation is environmentally sustainable; no trees are ever cut down for bark, no toxic chemicals dumped into waterways. We also take pride in hiring from local, impoverished areas, which not only helps the local economy, but also exposes workers to our state-of-the-art equipment.

To learn more please visit our Community & Impact page!


Going natural doesn't have to break the bank!

After more than 30 years of working with corozo, we've managed to combine our knowledge with innovative technology in order to maximize efficiency. This not only allows us to offer very high quality, custom products for less than our competitors, it also allows us to have extremely low minimums relative to the industry. Low prices and low starting volumes for completely custom natural buttons? Now that's something to get excited about!


Ordering is simple!

Ordering is usually done via e-mail or over the phone, directly with your assigned Corozo Buttons representative. Placing an order is very simple and straight forward, it normally takes only a few minutes for your rep to walk you through the entire process. For more information on the ordering process and commonly asked questions such as minimums, lead times, etc. please visit our How to Order Section and our FAQ section! Once you have reviewed these pages, please call us at 1-800-222-4125 or email us at sales@corozobuttons.com